Aleksandra Valyikina
Type Designer / from Moscow, Russia
Co-founder of "Shriftovik". Graphic and font designer, marketer. I strive to feel the return on my projects.
Tell me a little about yourself, what are you doing?
Now I am closely involved in Shiftovik, I try to bring my maximum to the project, not only in terms of design. It also helps me not to stay put and to learn new things. After all, I have already received a diploma, and my further education is only for me. However, this does not interfere with third-party projects.

Why are you doing design and/or fonts? Tell the story of your career.
Back in college, I got into the national graphic design team as part of the World Skills Championship, where I took gold in EuroSkills 2018. This gave me a strong boost in development in my specialty, and from there it has already begun. There I met the future founder of Shiftovik, into the project of which I could not help but fit.

How do you see the future of Cyrillic and Cyrillic fonts?
Cyrillic is complex and beautiful in its own way. Making a harmonious font without getting a fence in the set is not at all easy. But this is a lively and rather young language, it changes and adapts, then it will only get better.

Tell us about your creative plans. What would you like to do and implement?
I am going to continue to develop Font, there are a lot of opportunities and ideas. I also don't want to throw other projects, I want to try new ones.