Anton Fros
Type Designer / from Tula, Russia
Artist working as a designer. Creativity is one of the meanings of life for me.
Tell me a little about yourself.
I'm an ordinary guy from a provincial city who likes to paint.

How did you come to design? Why do you even do creativity?
I consider 2007-2008 as the starting point for myself, at that time I became interested in graffiti. From that moment, the love of letters began. In one period of time, he focused only on keriki (characters), but then fate made another round, and the letters became the dominant part of creativity. Why am I doing this?... Creativity for me is one of the meanings of life, I want to create things that will remain in history.

What do you think of Cyrillic fonts?
I think they'll surprise us.

Do you have creative plans?
There are plenty of plans and ideas. I would like to interweave more creative areas and techniques to create unique works.