Darya Cherevkova
Type Designer / from Orenburg, Russia
Graphic and font designer, I love typography, coffee and cheesecakes.
Tell me what you're doing now?
I do, get carried away and strive to be the best in graphic design. But seriously, I love branding, packaging, typography, font development. And also travel.

Why design?
It was love from the first composition. I love my business and enjoy it. Fonts are a separate universe, each letter is as a separate person. It is interesting to recognize them, create them, endow them with character. I have been designing for 12 years, and I am still not tired of it.

What do you think of Cyrillic and Cyrillic fonts?
I really love the Cyrillic alphabet, I think it is underestimated. I think we do not have a particularly culture of Cyrillic fonts, because few people do them. For the most part, these are adaptations that were originally created for the Latin alphabet, given their shape of signs, rhythm, system of elements. Cyrillic is more complex, wider, we have many inclined elements and, in general, more signs. But you just have to do, and it will be cool!