Darya Voronovich
Type Designer / from Minsk, Belarus
UX/UI & Graphic designer at product company Krumobi, beginner Motion & CG artist and student Bang Bang Education, teacher of graphic design at Fungi Studio.
Tell me what you're doing now?
The highest priority role in life is design. For me, this is both work and hobbies. If we talk about work, then, undoubtedly, this is UX/UI, the media, content design and identity have come down, because it is in demand on the market, which means a well-paid sphere. If we talk about hobbies and the fact that I am extremely close and coincides with my philosophy in design, this is maximum brutalism and anti-design. I try to develop in every possible way in the field of "design for designers" and comprehend "high fashion" (if such an expression applies to design).
If you move away from design, then, among other things, I am a vocalist, and in the past an architect. In general, I try to find time for sleep, sports and loved ones, although it is not yet possible to balance, because the design takes 100-120 hours a week.

How did you get into the design? What do you specialize in?
I came to the design very environmentally friendly. As a child, I studied at an art school, then studied architecture and later worked as an architect and interior designer, and a little later moved to a related field and worked as a furniture designer. Of course, there were other works that were not related to design, but also creative. Looking for myself, I even learned JavaScript, but after changing several directions, I realized that the only thing that catches me the most is graphics. I delved into graphic design on my own, adapting all the knowledge accumulated over many years, and already being in the team, I studied UX/UI design, fixing the gaps in the courses.
Typography has always been fascinating to me, because it is the basis of any design, and font design, in turn, the basis of typography. Creating a font was an experimental solution. I can't say that this is an area that I can switch to, but I will definitely come to implement some ideas within the framework of font design.
At the moment, I have thrown all my energy into studying CG and motion, because it seems that this area is closest, and it is wide enough to broadcast my ideas, unlike UX/UI, which has a fairly rigid framework.

How do you see the future of Cyrillic and Cyrillic fonts?
Observing the experimental solutions of our designers, the expansion of the community, which is engaged in font design in the CIS, as well as the acute shortage of the modern Cyrillic alphabet, which is in step with the times and trends, I can confidently say that the future is bright. The frames in the design are rapidly washing away, which means that this will affect the font design. Our predecessors created a huge number of functional fonts, and behind our designers – an experimental and progressive future. I hope Cyrillic fonts, thanks to which it will be possible to reflect the most bold ideas, will become more and more every year. The main thing is to remember the quality.

What are you striving for? What do you want to achieve?
What do I want? The perfect plan is to ensure that my immersion in design is not divided into commerce (what I'm paid for) and hobbies. I really hope that our market will once be ready for what "non-consonant" designers love, people will begin to perceive more and more, freer, deeper and will be open to inclusion and tolerance in all understandings. Erasing the line between creativity and design, while closing the needs of the market, as well as expanding the community of underground designers, is too utopian a desire, of course. If we talk about more real plans, I try to cover all areas of design, deepen, grow diagonally and eventually become an art leader in a team/studio that shares my views.

What are your creative plans for the near future?
I want to engage in anti-design on a commercial basis, popularize it and become the very designer who the best Western studios want to join the team, and who wants to imitate.