Dmitriy Suntsov
Type Designer / from Saint Petersburg, Russia
Font and graphic designer with great love for hand-drawn graphics, strict fonts and creativity.
Tell us more, what are you doing/getting carried away with?
My main activity, of course, is related to design. And not only in font. But among other things, I like calligraphy, graphics, animation, and a lot of other things that make the world more beautiful and, I hope, better.

How did you come to that? Why design and, specifically, fonts?
I never thought that I would be a designer, but looking back at my past projects, I realize that everything went to this. My love for fonts began when I was engaged in the Russification of games in the translation team. I liked to pick up Cyrillic fonts similar to those used in English-language games. Then I began to think about how to Russify the fonts themselves - and so, gradually, I came to what I am doing now.

How do you see the future of Cyrillic and Cyrillic fonts?
I am glad that they began to pay more attention to the Cyrillic alphabet and, in general, the importance of choosing a font. I increasingly see cool Cyrillic fonts made not only by large studios, but also by single designers. I think this trend will continue in the future.

What about further plans? What are you striving for?
I really want to travel more to get acquainted with the writing of other languages and, perhaps, work not only with the Cyrillic alphabet and the Latin alphabet, but also with other alphabets, no less interesting and beautiful!