Natalia Radnaeva
Type Designer / from Moscow, Russia
Graphic and font designer, adventurous girl. I try to develop and constantly learn something new.
Hi! Tell me what you are doing now?
Now I am still studying at the magistracy on the profile of the art directorate in the tower. And so, I try to develop and constantly learn something new. I am fond of music, DJing, cool theme. Sometimes I paint with acrylic. I think that in order to be a good designer, it is important to engage not only in design.

How did you end up in the design? Where did I start?
Always drawn into a creative party, I never saw myself as a lawyer or economist. I always adored letters, in comparison with illustrations for me this is a clearer and more difficult path, but interesting. I can designate my path as meetings with good designers, from whom I took the best for myself.

What do you think of Cyrillic fonts? What awaits them?
Cyrillic is steep, unusual, sometimes complex. At some time, Cyrillic was fashionable everywhere. Unfortunately, good Cyrillic fonts are not enough and therefore it is cool that ambitious designers developing the Cyrillic alphabet appear.

What plans are not the future?
I always had a special love for typing, I hope in the future there will be such projects. I would like to do something for myself and implement these projects. Experiment.