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SK Paragrapher is a monumental geometric typeface whose structure was inspired by the paragraph glyph. The entire typeface is built on a rhythmic composition and a black-to-white balance. Each character corresponds to a grid, and all its characters are monospaced, so the typeface looks harmonious and complete, despite the complexity of perception of its appearance. This typeface has both uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as a capital! The typeface supports a multilingual layout that includes: extended Latin and Cyrillic characters, additional characters, and Hebrew. This typeface also includes more than 10 currency symbols, as well as 4 fonts: Solid, Outline, Rounded, Sharp! As a result, SK Paragrapher is a multilingual, monospaced geometric monumental typeface that contains almost 1000 glyphs for your any design work, be it a poster or a website!

Aleksandra Valyikina
Co-founder of "Shriftovik". Graphic and font designer, marketer. I strive to feel the return on my projects.
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