Tikhon Reztcov
Type Designer / from Moscow, Russia
Founder and CEO "Shriftovik". Graphic and font designer, visionary and dreamer. I believe that the world can be changed with letters and beauty. I like to experiment with shapes and meanings, creating a new one.
Tell me a little about yourself, what are you doing now?
I'm an enthusiast and, sort of, an artist. In addition to working with fonts, I help design startups, forums and festivals. I am trying to breathe a piece of new visual culture into the unbearable machine of post-Soviet design with all its delights. I try to embed fonts in everything that surrounds me, because I believe that this is the future. Our lives are unthinkable without language, letters and, by extension, fonts. Because, working in this area, I know that I am changing the world for the better.

Why are you doing design and/or fonts? Tell the story of your career.
I have been designing, to one degree or another, since 2016. He began as a member of the Russian national graphic design team as part of the World Skills Championship. These competitions pumped me hard and set the stage for self-development, on which, in 2018. The idea of Shiftovik was born, as a community of like-minded people breathing an idea and their own business – fonts. In 2021, I became the bronze champion of the World Skills Europ and clearly began to understand how I can develop not only in my country, but also in the world. I realized that I could give it my own, unlike anything, look at fonts and typography.

How do you see the future of Cyrillic and Cyrillic fonts?
Cyrillic is diverse and unique. If we discard fears, stereotypes and doubts, then there will be no limit to its development. We have the right to improve our language, bringing something from ourselves and from world culture to it. I see the future of the Cyrillic alphabet as a pan-cultural phenomenon that has collected all the best from the languages of the world: the laconicity of the Latin alphabet, the beauty of Georgian, the diversity of Chinese and the geometricality of Hebrew. I am sure that this alphabet and its languages are the future!

Tell us about your creative plans. What would you like to do?
Now my main occupation is Font. I will continue to make every effort to expand the font design community and strengthen the studio's position in domestic and foreign markets. That's my main priority right now.