Valentina Zigangirova
Type Designer / from Moscow, Russia
A designer, illustrator and a woman who wants to bring something good to the world with his business.
Tell me a little about yourself, what are you doing?
I am studying at the HSE School of Design. I love doing visual art: graphics, illustration, video, 3D, fonts and books. And also craft practices, which can also be considered design: ceramics, jewelry, mosaics, stained glass.

Why design?
For me, design is a way to increase the number of beautiful pieces in the world. The beautiful things I see around me lift my spirits and make my time on the globe an even more classy experience. Probably, I strive for my design to also cheer up someone and help see the beauty in the world.

What about fonts and typography?
But letters are my love. I fell in love with letters in my second year at university and have been thinking periodically since then about creating fonts and drawing letters all the time. They all have their own character. A font outside the design world is often perceived as a tool, but not as a graphic unit in its own right. People see letters and fonts, but do not think about their drawing and shape. It's like a hidden world that you don't notice until you pay attention to.

What do you think of Cyrillic? What awaits her?
There are wonderful people who keep knowledge of the Cyrillic alphabet and Cyrillic fonts of the past - they share this with us young designers. I think that we, in turn, will transfer this knowledge and reverent attitude towards the Cyrillic alphabet to the future.

What are your creative plans? What would you like to do and implement?
I want to continue to engage in fonts, invent and study new forms. Develop a whole family, come up with additional glyphs-icons for it.
But I also love typography. I want to make books and try a lot of different things. For me, thinking through a layout is like assembling a constructor or solving logical riddles. How do I fit a strip into a set, subtitle, notes, footnotes in a single spread? What place on the page to allocate for pictures and signatures? It's like a game, that's probably why I like it so much.
I also want to publish a magazine on my own, in which there will be freedom of creativity and it will be possible to forget about the reader (down with readability!). Just for yourself, for fun.