SK Klyaksa

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SK Klyaksa is an experimental font inspired by the most striking and unusual artistic techniques of graffiti art. Its non-standard shapes, rounded points and hypnotic curved lines immerse you in the world of bright colors and unlimited creative freedom on the streets of the city. The SK Klyaksa font plays on the contrast between lightness and heaviness, creating an effect of brightness and dynamism, creating bright and emotional compositions that perfectly emphasize youth and individuality. Like graffiti art, the font speaks its own language and provokes bold decisions in graphic design, bringing originality and character to any project.

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The use on social medias for personal projects is allowed with the attribution of authorship, mention and compliment. For example, "I am using my favorite typeface from @shriftovik" or "The typeface from @shriftovik I am using is just amazing."

Font Trial Composition:
Basic style ONLY.
NO kerning.
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