SK Nagot

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SK Nagot is a decorative typeface at the junction of industrial and classical graphic design. It is inspired by 3D printing technology that combines the reality we know with the future. The typeface is built on geometric shapes, which creates a unique appearance of the characters. Despite the apparent complexity of the font, it perfectly emphasizes various design solutions. SK Nagot supports the Latin Pro and Cyrillic Pro alphabet, which, coupled with an extensive character set, gives freedom for creative experiments.

Natalia Radnaeva
Graphic and font designer, adventurous girl. I try to develop and constantly learn something new.
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The use on social medias for personal projects is allowed with the attribution of authorship, mention and compliment. For example, "I am using my favorite typeface from @shriftovik" or "The typeface from @shriftovik I am using is just amazing."

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Basic style ONLY.
NO kerning.
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