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SK Synonym Grotesk is a geometric neo-grotesk typeface, which was developed under the influence of Swiss type design and adapt to modern realities. Its sturdy and simple structure is characterized by angular joints that accent details of the letters. The font design uses a strict geometric and stable construction it's combining with organic and lively forms, it creates an unusual attractive aesthetic of the character set. SK Synonym Grotesk consist of a variety of tools for various design needs, including OpenType alternatives and a wide range of styles from Thin to Black. This typeface is multilingual, supports more than 40 languages including Extended Latin and Cyrillic sets and contains more than 450 characters.

Tikhon Reztcov
Founder and CEO "Shriftovik". Graphic and font designer, visionary and dreamer. I believe that the world can be changed with letters and beauty. I like to experiment with shapes and meanings, creating a new one.
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The use on social medias for personal projects is allowed with the attribution of authorship, mention and compliment. For example, "I am using my favorite typeface from @shriftovik" or "The typeface from @shriftovik I am using is just amazing."

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Basic style ONLY.
NO kerning.
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